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What do our customers say? Together with our customers and partners we develop batteries and battery systems for all types of applications. From idea to production, from standard off-the-shelf products to customized solutions.

Our areas of expertise are:

• Medical technology
• Industrial Applications 
• Maritime Engineering
• UPS and Stand-by power  

A selection of customer references

On this page, we will present a number of selected customer references. Learn more about the uniquely designed battery in lighthouses in Norwegian fjords, battery containers in Saudi Arabia, and LUCAS, the battery-powered chest compression system, which helps to save lives. And first, read more abut the battery-powered aircraft tractor - ready to towing long-range aircrafts like Boeings.

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As you probably already noticed the trend in the batteries very quickly. Please contact us if you need help with a battery solution. What was impossible yesterday is just hard today.